The Stratopacks brand`s name is connected with stratosphere and space, because all bags and jackets are made and cut certainly of aviation equipment, which was at more than ten kilometers altitude.
Oleg Savin, the brand`s founder, was born in Baikonur. More than 10 years he has been designing and developing military and tactical gear and equipment and also suits and decorations for cinema. In 2018, many high-altitude and anti-overload overalls have remained after finishing all works, connected with Ilya Naishuller`s video clip, made for the song "Tsoi", by the "Leningrad" musical band. First bag parts were laser-cut certainly from them.
That`s how the idea was born- re-using of high-altitude overalls, backpacks and parachute canopies. The main, basic and principal features of the brand were formed during the process.
Our products
1# Usage of Soviet scientists, designers and constructors inventions , tested by hundreds of spaceflights.

2# Preservation of cut, functional elements and accessories features.

3# Each product`s uniqueness, based on the handicraft and the conscious mass production's refusal.